Things to Do in Athens

Things to Do in Athens

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Athens24 is an online guide with you’ll find the best places to go in Athens, Greece. Visit the Athens 24 website at to help you start planning your next trip to Athens today. It includes a guide that includes neighborhoods, ancient sights, museums, history, the suburbs, and so much more. Events are also highlighted, like places to go for clubbing, concerts, trade fairs, exhibitions, and so much more. Lifestyle is also featured on the Athens24, including nightlife, shopping, wellness, entertainment, sporting activities, outdoor, nature, and more.

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Now that you know more about Athens24 and how it can help you start planning your next trip to Athens today, let’s talk about why people love Athens, Greece. The Parthenon is a breathtaking ruin, and you have to visit it. The new Acropolis Museum is also a must-see, as are the reproductions of the beautiful Caryatids that once adorned the Erechtheion.

1. It’s a city full of history

Athens is the place where you can see many ancient sites and monuments that are impressive reminders of the city’s long history. It also houses a lot of great museums, like the new Acropolis Museum. This is a modern building that has been built in such a way that it gives you a full view of the Acropolis, which makes it an excellent place to visit. Visiting the old parts of Athens, like Plaka and Anafiotika, is also something that you should do. These areas are full of quaint and charming streets that you will enjoy walking down. Athens is a wonderful city to visit. It is full of people who love to travel and are happy to talk with you about their experiences.

2. It’s a city full of culture

The Greek capital is a city full of culture, from music get more info and tradition to mouth-watering food. While it may not have the pristine beaches of Santorini or Mykonos, it is still worth visiting for its enchanting ruins and vibrant nightlife. For example, the new Acropolis Museum is a stunning architectural gem and features the Caryatids that were originally part of the Erechtheion. A visit to this iconic site is a must for all visitors to Athens Greece. There is a sense of community in Athens.

3. It’s a city full of nightlife

After a long day of sightseeing, if you still have the energy, catch a performance at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. It’s a gorgeous open-air theatre that’s considered one of the world’s greatest. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, head to Allotino, a small classy bar in Kypseli. It’s a favorite spot of locals and has a great selection of wine, scotch, whiskey and hard to find imported beers. They also have some good jazz music, which is perfect after a long day. Another fun nightlife option is to head to a small R & B club called Ekei in downtown Athens. It’s a little bit more hipster than other clubs in Athens, but the music is really great. It’s a fun place to dance with friends or just hang out.

4. It’s a city full of shopping

The streets of Athens are brimming with local boutiques and much-loved high-street brands, ensuring there’s something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re after artisan jewelry, a new pair of sandals or some fresh fruit for a snack, there’s no shortage of options. In the heart of Athens is the popular district of Kolonaki, home to trendy bars, exquisite restaurants and upscale shops. Browse the latest designs from a new up-and-coming Greek designer or treat yourself to a new Cartier watch. In the morning, there are long lines for the famous kourou pies (half-moon shaped pastries filled with feta cheese) in Ariston bakery on the edge of Syntagma square. Or tuck into a mouth-watering plate of kolokythokeftedes, grated zucchini bites seasoned with mint and other herbs.

5. It’s a city full of people

Athens has an urban landscape that reflects its multi-cultural modern personality. It’s a geographical meeting point between East and West, home to immigrants from Asia Minor and the Levant who brought their own cuisines with them. Try melitzanosalata, a refreshing eggplant spread, or kolokythokeftedes, lightly fried fritters made from pureed courgettes with mint, dill and various other spices. Another great dish is moussaka, a classic layered casserole of minced lamb and sauteed aubergine, flavoured with bechamel sauce. Head to Monastiraki, one of the oldest and liveliest parts of Athens, for rooftop bars and colourful terraces as well as enormous markets that sell anything from fresh fish to ancient treasures. Then sample some of the city’s best seafood at one of the waterfront restaurants in Palaio Faliro. Now that you know more about why people love Athens, Greece so much, it is time to go back to the website of Athens24, your online guide where you’ll find the best places to go in Athens, Greece! Visit the Athens24 website today!

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